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Gelly Roll® Pens | Gold Shadow | Package of 5


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This collection of 5 pens contains one each of pink, lavender, green, blue, and black. Thickness is 0.7mm line with 1.0mm ball.

Gelly Roll® Gold Shadow™ gives handwriting a touch of elegance and glamour. This incredible gel pen writes in two tones: gold metallic outlined by a contrasting ink colour.

How It Works
Gelly Roll Gold Shadow™ is comprised of dyestuff and metallic powder. Dyestuff is the colourful ink that outlines the writing. Metallic powder gives the ink its shiny, gold colouring. When you write with Gold Shadow™, the dyestuff colourant spreads and permeates into the paper. The metallic powder is thick and cannot spread or soak into the paper so it is left on the surface. This ink produces an “outline effect” when the dyestuff colourant spreads beyond the edges of the metallic powder. This is most noticeable after 2-3 minutes on papers that are white, uncoated, and fibrous.